Renovation Ideas For The Living Room

living room

You can do a full-fledged redesign in your living room space, as well as global renovations, without hiring a specialist. It is only necessary to adhere to these basic guidelines.

In reality, designing a living room interior that will captivate you and your visitors, even in the smallest sizes, is not as difficult as it appears! Furthermore, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to express your imagination and ideas.


When designing a small living room, it makes sense to remove the door and even the interior walls, allowing the room to flow into the apartment’s main space. In this case, the carpet’s boundary can be used as a zoning line.

living room

Point of focus

In the living room’s interior, create a nominal nucleus. This could be a home theatre, a fireplace, a bookshelf, or even a nice view from a window. Surround the middle with chairs, carpets, and textiles.

Design That Has Seen Better Days

Pick a theme for your living room and stick to it. It might be timeless classics, Provence’s elegance, or cutting-edge high-tech. In the living room of a creative person or a young person, mixing various styles or eclecticism can look very harmonious.

Detoxification Of Furniture

Don’t overcrowd the space with furniture. The living room should not be too crowded, particularly if it is used frequently by visitors. Make a spacious entrance to the living room if possible, rather than “burdening” it with a narrow passage.

The Right Wall Colour

The living room’s walls should not be too dark; if you like this look, it’s better suited to the bedroom. Deep color visually “compresses” the room, making it gloomy and mysterious. Choose cool and calm colors for the walls if you want to relax in your living room.

Zoning By Colour

Create “resting” areas for the gaze. It’s best not to overuse sharp color combinations in areas where the eyes can stay the longest (for example, a wall behind the TV).

Curtains Have Been Replaced

Know that the color scheme and overall mood are perfectly set by the curtains. As a result, a full curtain replacement will be a reasonable option. Replace dark curtains with light curtains, gold curtains with metallic curtains, blackout curtains with light curtains, and so on. Don’t be afraid to try new things and contrasts; you’ll be shocked at how the curtains can bring a familiar space back to life.

Keeping Things In Storage

While storage space does not interfere with the living room’s purpose, it is preferable to properly conceal them so the room’s function is more likely to be at rest. To avoid clutter, look for furniture with built-in storage cabinets. A coffee table made out of a chest or ottoman with a drawer. Small cupboards hung around the room’s perimeter, or a low dresser can be used in place of a console table.

living room

Photographs And Artwork

Framed portraits and paintings will save the day: they will quickly give the space a unique twist. Use more monochrome photos if your interior is already vivid. Single, large paintings displayed prominently, ideally over a couch, chest of drawers, or fireplace.

Order On A Regular Basis

After the renovation, try not to litter the living room in your daily life. A large number of items and artifacts would undoubtedly “eat up” the valuable vacuum, negating all previous efforts.

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