How To Turn A Basement Into A Living Space In Six Easy Stages


When it comes to house improvement, basement remodeling appears to be one of the most exciting and gratifying jobs. Everything is extremely straightforward. Even in older buildings with lower ceiling heights, basement configurations allow additional living space used as a children’s playground, a gym, an office, or anything else.

First and foremost, you must determine whether your basement is suitable for remodeling. Make certain that the ceilings are high enough, that the foundation does not leak, and that there are no major code problems.


At the same time, you almost always have the option of correcting any flaws that are detected. If the ceiling height is insufficient, consider deepening the foundation to reduce the floor level. The lack of windows isn’t a concern because they can be added later. But keep in mind that all of these operations raise the expense of repairs greatly.

No, but water and the sun do. The problem of leaks will be the most important item to address. The proper slope of the ground, as well as the continuous operation of the drainage system, provide protection against them.

Internal Drainage System

Today, many homeowners opt for an internal sewage system. This is especially true in older buildings where the exterior system was not installed at the time of construction.

Consider adding at least one, but large enough, like a double glazed window will be best for your home. As a result, the basement will no longer resemble an underground cave and will take on a more homey appearance.

There Are Significant Voids

You can proceed with the creation of a frame for wall cladding if you are certain that no additional constructive interventions are required. Keep in mind that a seal between the bottom batten of the sheathing and the concrete base is required.

Many experts advise allowing a little space between the frame and the load-bearing wall, which can be rather uneven. Pipes and wires are frequently routed through this area. It also enables you to increase the quantity of insulation you utilize.

Allow It To Be Heated

In chilly areas, basement insulation can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. This option is frequently available right away in new homes. If this is not the case in your situation, you will be responsible for your own basement insulation.

Fiberglass mats are the least priced insulation, however, insulating foam appears to be more effective for many.

This material fills gaps properly, forming an impermeable covering that prevents condensation on concrete walls.

Insulating foam has the advantage of being able to easily fill holes, especially around ancient, settled structures, without the need for prior leveling.

Walls And Ceiling

Decoration on the ceiling and walls We’ll presume that the lathing, insulation, and communication wiring have all been completed. This indicates that your basement ready to finish with plasterboard.

Remember to allow a one-centimeter gap between the drywall sheets and the floor. This is the simplest approach to prevent moisture from penetrating the cladding material.

While drywall is the most common material for wall cladding, there are more possibilities for ceiling cladding. Whatever path you choose, keep in mind the likelihood of access to pipelines and cables. Individual cladding panels loosely fastened for this purpose.

Special hatches sometimes installed for this purpose, which unavoidably results in a reduction in ceiling height. In situations where every centimeter matters, refusing to utilize any type of face material may be the best option. The ceiling structure, in other words, remains open.


Let’s Add Some Color To The Picture

It’s time to start painting the walls and filling in the gaps around the windows and doors. Many people prefer to paint last, but experience shows that it is best to do so while the flooring installed. You can roam around the room with buckets of paint in your hands without concern at this time.

The Finishing Touches

The installation of floors and skirting boards is the final stage of the makeover. The material you choose solely determined by your financial resources and personal preferences.

Your dreams can become a reality with our guidance. The current buzzwords are excellence and quality. Home repair is a snap with our help!

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